Our love affair with Corona Renderer and its Interactive Lightmix just keeps on growing. We recently produced a set of images where we explored the boundaries of what the corona lightmix had to offer and how far we could take it.

Our goal was to see how vastly of a different image we could produce from a single render eg: converting a day image of a render into a night image. Luckily this proved to be far simpler with corona lightmix than we had initially imagined. Once the corona lightmix was correctly setup, we simply experimented with the light settings and intensities in the settings panel of Virtual Frame Buffer until we found something that we liked. We managed to produced night images that had significant changes in mood and feel from the original day renders.

Below are the results of our experiments and we must say that we are extremely happy with how they have turned out. Our artists are now able to produce a variety of images under different lighting conditions from one single render with such ease and creativity thanks to the corona lightmix.

This has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for us a company.  This is not a only a time saving benefit for us but also provides our clients with greater flexibility and options within their projects.