We have been experimenting lately with our Drone and how best to shoot and incorporate CG elements such as Buildings, Environments and props etc. into live action aerial drone footage in the most photo realistic and seamless way.

We are so excited to show off our latest example below which depicts a completely CG high rise building that we have seamlessly integrated into a live action aerial drone footage that we captured. The skies the limit and the options endless with what we can do with this kind of drone footage.

The process involves us shooting a clean plate of aerial footage of the desired location with our Drone. Also we capture some reference photography of the location as well as some 360 photos that will provide us the exact lighting and reflections for us to use to better incorporate the CG elements into the aerial footage.

The next step in the process is to extract the Camera Data from our shot aerial drone footage in our 3D tracking software. This extracted camera data will match our drones camera path exactly and allow us to manipulate and add any number of CG elements to the shot in our 3D program. In this instance we have added numerous CG elements such as the Building, cars, trees, people in our 3D program in order to make the integration seem as realistic as possible.

We hope you enjoy the video and be sure to contact us should you have a porjoect in mind where we think we can be of assistance.