What We Do.

VizRepublic is a multi-disciplinary creative studio that specializes in photorealistic
3D Architectural Visualization, Animation, Virtual Reality and VFX.

We use the latest technology to create photorealistic 3D Architectural Visualizations and interactive content, 3D Animations as well as Virtual Reality tours for architects, designers, the real estate market, developers and marketing agencies all over the country.

Architectural Visualization

Our photo realistic 3D visualizations provide an accurate, detailed an emotive representation of un-built Architectural and Commercial Products . No matter the scope of your project, whether it be a residential interior, large scale commercial building or high-end retail development, our attention to detail and quality remains paramount and consistent throughout. Whether we receive detailed direction from our clients or have a rough vision to work with, we pride ourselves in being able to assist with all aspects of a project, from architectural visualization to interior & graphic design, no matter size and scope of the deliverable.

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Johns Hopkins Hospital Eames Lounge Chairs Rendering Clay Johns Hopkins Hospital Eames Lounge Chairs Rendering


As a creative studio, we look to our animation department to bring our clients ideas to life in exciting and compelling animations. We have the ability in our films to combine animation and music in unique and emotive ways so as to engage the viewer and tell the story of the designers intended vision. We are able to provide a wide range of animation services such as full CG architectural visualization fly thoughs, 3D tracked fly over drone animations2D & 3D animation and motion graphics for television as well as VFX.

360º Panotours and Virtual Reality

360° Panoramic Tours and Virtual Reality are quickly becoming a main stay in the architectural visualization industry. It is by far the most comprehensive and immersive experience you can have outside of standing in the actual space.  No matter the audience, whether you are an architect, interior designer, developer, real estate agent or private home owner, this high tech interactive experience is an invaluable communication and sales tool to potential clients and provides a detailed look inside your project long before construction even begins . The 360° Panotours we produce can be viewed on a wide range of devices such as smart phones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops. For the more immersive Virtual Reality experience we can package our tours for use on devices such the samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

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The art of VFX is digital wizardry at its finest and our VFX department uses the latest software and technology to edit, manipulate, delete, add, enhance and change almost anything regarding a digital image. We can integrate CG elements into just about any still image or live action footage. Whether it be photographic still images for print, flyover drone footage of your new proposed building site or green screen footage of actors that you would like us to incorporate into your new space, we have the tools, technology and expertise to make that happen. We provide a full range of services for broadcast media and commercials.

What Makes Us Different?

We believe communication and collaboration between ourselves and our clients is critical to the creative process and ensures we create a product that meets the brief and surpasses all expectations.

Our attention to detail and photo realism enables us to provide visualizations of the highest quality and accuracy.

Our ability to offer a wide variety of services enables Viz Republic to stand out among the crowd and provide clients with a comprehensive design and visualization solution no matter the scope, timeline, budget or intended deliverable of the project.

We are also continuously striving to be better and improve every aspect of our business, from our work flow to client communication and collaboration, to our company culture and the technology we use.